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Providing superior Long Term Disability Benefits to over 20,000 Law Enforcement Participants since 1985.

California Law Enforcement Association® (CLEA)

CLEA is a non-political, non-profit benefit association committed to offering the best benefits available to California peace officers. For 30 years the CLEA Plan has served the California public safety community with leading comprehensive Long Term Disability Benefits at the best rate.

CLEA provides a total solution for Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage and Long Term Care (LTC) coverage, both for individuals and groups.

CLEA payroll protection (LTD) covers 85% of pay (90% in certain situations), up to $9,500 per month dependent on which Plan you choose. Includes: Lifetime Benefit, Long Term Care Plus Benefit, Sick-Leave Integration Benefit, Challenged Workers' Compensation Benefits, and Death Benefits.



Executive Board


Dave Boffi

Daly City POA

Vice President North

Kevin Mickelson

Sacramento Co. DSA

Vice President South

Darin Ryburn

Burbank POA

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Chirillo

Beverly Hills POA

Executive Secretary

Mario Yagoda

Glendale POA

Chairman of the Board

Jerry Hall

DSA of Santa Clara Co.





California Public Safety Administrators, Inc.

Plan Administrators

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